Playoffs are in full swing.  It’s halftime and the Hawks are down 20-0  ouch….Juice fast is going great.  I lost .7 lbs last night and I am almost in the 230’s..YAY.  I enjoyed a Carrot/Orange/Beet/ Apple Juice this morning. My wife and daughter also had some.  I seem to be using a lot of apple and carrots lately, mainly because they are in season and inexpensive   I can’t wait until watermelons come back.  I juiced melons from between $.18 to $.29 /lb  last summer.

Smells are really acute today.  I do the morning dishes and I can smell everything.  My concentration is  little cloudy today. I attribute that to the lack of caffeine in my diet and processed sugars. My clothes are fitting a little better even after one day.   Good news because I will need a new blazer for work.

Routine is important in a juice fast.  I find that making my morning and lunch juices together is key.  Dinner juice I make when I get home in the evening.  I hope you all have a good day I will be looking for comments later.  go Hawks!!


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  1. ;( hawks lost. there is always next year. Good hustle team!!


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