Annie's Natural

Annie’s Natural

Junk Food, Coffee, Soda and popcorn at work while you are on a juice fast can coexist.  How? You may ask.  Step one bring plenty of Juice so you don’t get hungry.  Step two get so  busy that you never have time to think about junk food.

I go a little far with it.  I am so locked into this juice fast that I will walk right by the popcorn machine or the soda machine just to prove to myself that that junk doesn’t matter to me.

Thanks for all the great comments so far.  I too have hunger for good food.  Gogreenstaylean mentioned that hummus was something that sounded good. I think about having a G-Bombs  salad.  I learned how to do this by reading one of Dr. Fuhrmans books.

It includes

  • Greens
  • Beans
  • Onions
  • Mushrooms
  • Berries
  • Seeds

I add a twist to it.

Greens are salad greens with spinach.  I just love spinach.  Beans vary but My wife puts a pot of beans on every week or  so, so pinto’s work. I some times will use bean sprouts or sunflower sprouts (yum).

Onions are cut thin.   I don’t like chunky raw onions.  Mushrooms, the doctor says one is fine but i go nuts; 3 or 4 for me.  Berries include raspberries  blue berries, tomatoes, grapes etc… For seeds I have been using many different ones.  I have used almonds, sunflower meats, sesame as well as dried fruits like raisins.  I put it all in a big bowl and add some Annie’s  Goddess Dressing.  Wow!!!

I could eat that everyday when I am not fasting.



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