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Super Bowl Sunday

To all of my friends on the east coast good luck and to the west coast good luck as well.  I have no dog in this fight but I am leaning towards San Francisco.

I have taken off 26 pounds these 22 days.  I am hoping to have a couple of more pounds off by tomorrow.  I have included some workouts (mild mostly push ups and sit ups).  I plan on doing some running soon.

Running is a touchy subject.  I hate it so.  I have never been good at it.  I was in the military and even at my ideal weight I ran like a broken barrel down the road , huffing and puffing all the way.  I get shin splits and twisted ankles.  I do know that some of that is related to weight but not all of it.  I am a clumsy runner.  Some day I would like to run a partial marathon like the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon.

I have always enjoyed lifting weights, especially upper body work outs.  Most of the muscle I had went to fat. Now I am trimming all that down.  I hope all of you enjoy your day.  Go Niners!


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