Day 23 and I am between 25 and 26 pounds gone for this Juice Fast.  Total weight loss in the last 12 months is 86 pounds.  I can’t wait until I hit 100.  Thanks Joe ( @joethejuicer ).  Friends and coworkers are now asking me how I am doing it.  I hear lots of excuses out there.  I encourage them to try a 2-3 day fast, but most of them think it’s too hard.  What’s hard is the processed, chemically added food they eat right now.  Anyway’s, I was one of them and know I will continue to show the way with the rest of you juicers  at #juicing.

New treat , I have started adding fresh mint to my juices.  Wow, that’s great!  Especially with lemon.

I made homemade caramel corn for the family to eat while watching the game.  I am glad to see there was a whole bunch left over.  There is nothing better than my 1 and 1/2 year old asking me for some of my juice in the morning.


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