I have a love hate relationship with beets in my juice.  Why? well I know they do good in my body.  I know I get cleansed with them.  They give me tons of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.  So for that I love them.  They are messy, stain clothes and carpets, taste a little funny and yes! they cleanse my body.  so for that reason I hate them.  I have come to rely on them for juicing at least in 6-8 juices a week.  I juice them with apples, carrots and ginger.  Sometimes, I add them to a juice just to cut the acidity when I juice citrus.  When I do juice beets I always juice the greens.  I am sure I am getting something from that as well.

I drank tons of water yesterday and my scale tells me that I am stalled at my weight loss but I think he is lying.  I think I am just hydrated.  Happy Juicing all and have a great day!


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