Day 25 of 100 Days Juice Fast


V  is for Victory….that is the way I feel today.  2 more pounds gone.  I feel great!  53 pounds to get to my optimal “normal” weight according to WebMD.

A little slow this morning , I stayed up late and I need to get a juice down.  Not sure what I will have.    I might make a yellow juice.  Yellow usually includes cucumbers, lemons and ginger.  I did enjoy a Tazo Tea “Zen”.  I know it has a little caffeine. I can really see the weight sliding off now.  I am literally going to walk out of my clothes, LOL.  

I am thinking more about outdoor activities and thinking of things I can do outside with my children.  So to all of you Juicers out there, I raise my glass of micro-nutrients to you!!!!  Happy Juicing!!!


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One response to “Day 25 of 100 Days Juice Fast

  1. *raises glass back*

    Congrats on the progress, that is pretty amazing!


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