Juice Fast-Day 2

Yesterday was day two of my current juice fast. I began this fast thinking I would take it to three days. Usually the start of a fast ends up with a change of mind. I am not sure how long I will take this juice fast. Perhaps a week, perhaps a month. I will just wait and see how I feel each and everyday.

Day two was pretty uneventful. I consumed plenty of juice throughout the day. I also had some coconut water in the early evening to replenish my electrolytes. There are many health benefits to coconut water. I definitely felt much better yesterday than I did on the first day of my juice fast. I had a very dull headache in the morning but it subsided my lunchtime. I didn’t have the lethargy either. I had plenty of energy to work in my garden for about an hour and I felt great! I was very grumpy at the end of day one but felt much more like myself yesterday evening.

My wife was web surfing last night and stumbled upon this website: https://www.healthywage.com/

It has me intrigued. It seemed scammy at first but we have researched a bit and it seems to have pretty good reviews overall. Please do comment if you have any experiences, either positive or negative, with this particular website. I have always been a gambling man. The beginning of my juice fast seems like an opportune time to give this site a shot. If I were to lose the weight, I would have two prizes. Cash and a healthier me!




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  1. I’m always suspicious of websites with free money and contests. I was scammed once a long time ago. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” But to each his own. If y’all get involved with it, keep me posted.


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