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100 pounds in a year…YAY!!!

I am so excited I have officially lost 100 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So Awesome.  I want to thank my family and friends for all the support.  I have my eye on 50 more.  wish me luck!  On this Juice fast/feast I have lost 41 pounds in 54 days.

Happy Juicing!



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The Best 3 Minute Workout

Try to keep up… Whether you like the song or not it is irrelevant.  This guy can move.


Happy Juicing!

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Marathon Commitment



OK guys you know me.  This is crazy and I know it.  I am planning on registering for the Rock’n Roll Marathon in June.  I should be running like an antelope by then.  I have lost almost a 100 pounds so far and I think I can do it.  This will be my first Marathon so I am a little worried. Wish me luck

 Happy Juicing!


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Cost of Juice Fast

Juice fasting is an expensive endeavor. I drink approximately 60-75 ounces of juice a day. Sometimes I drink more. I usually will have more on a day off from work or if I’m feeling especially hungry. I also drink an occasional herbal tea. This translates into $75-$100 of produce that lasts me around a week. So I would say on average the cost to do a juice fast is around $10-$14 a day. The old juicer I had was not very good at extraction so alot of the precious juice was wasted. When  I bought a new juicer I spent more on it  knowing it would save me money in the long run. 



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January 22, 2013 · 5:27 pm


*UPDATE 2017- I feel the start of another juice fast coming soon. I am still deciding on start date and length of the fast. More to come….

Today is day one of a 100 days of juice.  Yes you read right, juice.  Call it a juice feast, juice fast, juicing, liquid diet… whatever you call it.  I will be juicing and drinking only juice from vegetables and fruits from my juicer for the next 100 days.  Why?  Well I juiced before and lost approximately 70 pounds.  Last summer I watched a video that transformed my life.  Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross.The movie had practical knowledge and it walked us through some misconceptions about nutrition. Joe Cross gathered the knowledge from several great doctors and  nutritionists.  One of them I enjoy reading Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

In June 2012 , I weighed in at 310 pounds.  Doesn’t sound too crazy until you realize that I am a 5’8″ tall man.  OK, I said it I am 5’8″.  Over the course of 60 days I lost 60 pounds (a pound a day).  It was hard to wrap my head around what I was doing but after a few days and a good routine the pounds started to come off. My heart rate improved, my blood pressure normalized and I got more energy.    No, I am not selling anything.  I want to share this experience with all of you.  I recommend that you consult with a doctor before attempting any dietary or exercise regimes.  All information on this blog is my personal experience and may or may not relate to other people.

I think we are all addicted.  I know I am.  First step is to realize that we are addicted, right.  I am addicted to sweeteners,  processed food, junk food  and caffeine.  The typical American diet.  I love food.  I think we all do.  I have a double dose because I am an emotional eater.  So not only am I addicted but double down when I am sad, happy, worried…etc.

I started today with Liquid Sunshine recipe borrowed from my favorite Juice spot , Juice It Bellingham, WA.  It was so good my wife had some and my 1 1/2 year old daughter had some too.

You won’t see 1/2 naked pictures of a obese middle aged man today. I want this to be about the experience.  April 22, 2013…here I come

Just some stats.

44 years old

240 pounds


100 day juice fast


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