Marathon Commitment



OK guys you know me.  This is crazy and I know it.  I am planning on registering for the Rock’n Roll Marathon in June.  I should be running like an antelope by then.  I have lost almost a 100 pounds so far and I think I can do it.  This will be my first Marathon so I am a little worried. Wish me luck

 Happy Juicing!



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Day 47 of 100 Days Juice Fast

I had a huge test yesterday.  My wife  wanted to take the kids to the healthiest place she could for the kids.  We came up with our favorite Pho place.  I love Pho.  What’s worse is that we went to my favorite Pho restaurant in Bellingham.


I watched while my children and wife enjoyed Pho and a Vietnamese Pork Sandwich (Banh Mi).  I could smell everything.  It was delicious, I imagine.  I am down 36 pounds now and I have 15 to hit my first goal.

Happy Juicing everybody

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Day 44 of 100 Days Juice Fast

The days are flying by.  I can’t believe that I am almost 1/2 way there. My weight loss stalled over the last week but I know that that is temporary.  I found this cool video for you to watch if you haven’t already.  Happy Juicing!



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Day 39 of 100 Days Juice Fast


I bought some Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea today by Stash and for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to bring some chili flake with me to add to the tea.  Wow!  I definitely would recommend it.  I found the image above and apparently I am not the only one fond of this combination.

So today is officially day 39 of a 100 days!!!.  I have lost 30 pounds.  My goal was 40 by tomorrow but I will take the 30.  Juice is going great.  I am starting to get some salt cravings and this will pass. End date is not too far away.

Happy Juicing ! Have a great weekend!

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Day 28 of 100 Days Juice Fast


Another couple of pounds gone, Yeah!  Doing 3-32 oz juice’s a day.  This last one was heavy on celery, not my favorite. 

I get the question about loose bowels with relation to juicing.  Yes it happens.  Not all the time but it does.

I am 23 pounds away from hitting a very important number.  198 is what my Wii at home says is the line between obese and overweight.  I am very excited.  Happy Juicing Everyone!

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Day 25 of 100 Days Juice Fast


V  is for Victory….that is the way I feel today.  2 more pounds gone.  I feel great!  53 pounds to get to my optimal “normal” weight according to WebMD.

A little slow this morning , I stayed up late and I need to get a juice down.  Not sure what I will have.    I might make a yellow juice.  Yellow usually includes cucumbers, lemons and ginger.  I did enjoy a Tazo Tea “Zen”.  I know it has a little caffeine. I can really see the weight sliding off now.  I am literally going to walk out of my clothes, LOL.  

I am thinking more about outdoor activities and thinking of things I can do outside with my children.  So to all of you Juicers out there, I raise my glass of micro-nutrients to you!!!!  Happy Juicing!!!

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I have a love hate relationship with beets in my juice.  Why? well I know they do good in my body.  I know I get cleansed with them.  They give me tons of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.  So for that I love them.  They are messy, stain clothes and carpets, taste a little funny and yes! they cleanse my body.  so for that reason I hate them.  I have come to rely on them for juicing at least in 6-8 juices a week.  I juice them with apples, carrots and ginger.  Sometimes, I add them to a juice just to cut the acidity when I juice citrus.  When I do juice beets I always juice the greens.  I am sure I am getting something from that as well.

I drank tons of water yesterday and my scale tells me that I am stalled at my weight loss but I think he is lying.  I think I am just hydrated.  Happy Juicing all and have a great day!

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