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Juice Fast-Day 1

I have been away from blogging and juicing for a while. I missed doing both. There is a true sense of motivation and encouragement that comes from writing about my juicing endeavors. I think some of the inspiration comes from the accountability I feel when writing about each day of my fast. I have a tendency to read other blogs about juicing, health, weight loss, etc. when I am blogging. This gives a real sense of community. I am not in it alone. Others are juicing. Others are striving for better health. Others are cleansing/detoxing. It is a journey with commonality.

I have decided to start a juice fast(cleanse, detox, feast) whatever you would like to call it. I am doing three days this week. I will then do another three days with my wife next week. I know what to expect, for the most part, when doing one of these fasts. The first day or two is a bit rough as your body begins to rid itself of toxins and wastes. I know many have claimed that refined sugar and natural sugars(found in fruits, for example) are the same in how your body reacts to them. I am not a scientist but I beg to differ. My body definitely sends me different signals when in excess of refined sugars. The first several hours of no refined sugar is miserable for me. It is all the same symptoms of quitting caffeine. Headache, sluggishness, mood swings, etc. Drinking a raw juice with fruits( and hence, natural sugars) in it does nothing for these symptoms. So I expect to be a bit yucky for a day or so. No big deal. The caveat is that once I really start to feel better in day 3 or so, my fast will be over. Just like with exercise, once you start juicing your body craves more juice.

I began my day with a coffee lovers blend of black tea, adding  a splash of almond milk. Most will say I should have went with a green tea. I would agree but I realized I was out. At 9 :30 am I feel a slight headache and am sipping my water slowly. I don’t yet feel the effects of hunger as I do not usually eat breakfast anyway. I know, some will say this is a rookie mistake in the weight loss world . Or is it? I would normally make myself a large batch of juice either in the morning or the night before a juice fast. I have had back to back meetings this morning so haven’t yet had any juice. I do not plan on any extra exercise besides my usual daily mile walk at lunch time.

Here is one of my favorite juice recipes. I also love to use it to make popsicles for the family. It is so simple yet so very delicious and refreshing. It seems an indulgence when consumed during one of my longer fasts.

Watermelon & Lime Juice

Serves 3-4

8 cups watermelon, chilled and cubed

Juice of 1 lime

Fresh mint or lemon balm, optional

Watermelon contains a high water content and just a few wedges can produce alot of juice in the blender. Chop into large cubes, add to the juicer.

Add lime for a refreshing, crisp flavored fresh juice.  Fresh mint or lemon balm can be added or used as garnish.

There are so many juice recipes to choose from. Taste buds can be confusing as you may like the taste of something in its solid form but not as a juice. Cucumber for me. I enjoy it fresh but not so much as a juice. Same is sort of true for celery. Find what you like and don’t be afraid to experiment. You may be surprised that a fruit or a vegetable you normally don’t care for tastes good as a juice.

This MEAN GREEN JUICE is really good, both in taste and in health:


Cheers and Happy Juicing!!







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Day 55 of 100 Days Juice Fast

Just made a delicious juice.  For you die hard juicers out there.  Granny Smith Apples as a base .  Add Navel Oranges second.  Third is an inch of ginger.  I love ginger, by the way, I have it in about every juice.  One cucumber and a large orange beet.  On an aside, I have just recently started using the orange beet and the orange beet is so delicious.  I like it better than the red beet varieties.  Top it off with a touch of fresh strawberries.

It came out creamy and well worth the chopping and peeling.  I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed it either.  The whole family had some.

I am within 10 pounds of not being in the Obese column on my Wii Fit.  I consider that my next major goal.  My long term goal is 44 pounds away, which seems like a cake walk after having dropped 102 pounds since last year.

I know the next 44 pounds will be the hardest to lose.  I am game.  Thanks for all the support guys! Happy Juicing!

Orange Beet

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100 pounds in a year…YAY!!!

I am so excited I have officially lost 100 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So Awesome.  I want to thank my family and friends for all the support.  I have my eye on 50 more.  wish me luck!  On this Juice fast/feast I have lost 41 pounds in 54 days.

Happy Juicing!


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The Best 3 Minute Workout

Try to keep up… Whether you like the song or not it is irrelevant.  This guy can move.


Happy Juicing!

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Marathon Commitment



OK guys you know me.  This is crazy and I know it.  I am planning on registering for the Rock’n Roll Marathon in June.  I should be running like an antelope by then.  I have lost almost a 100 pounds so far and I think I can do it.  This will be my first Marathon so I am a little worried. Wish me luck

 Happy Juicing!


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Day 47 of 100 Days Juice Fast

I had a huge test yesterday.  My wife  wanted to take the kids to the healthiest place she could for the kids.  We came up with our favorite Pho place.  I love Pho.  What’s worse is that we went to my favorite Pho restaurant in Bellingham.



I watched while my children and wife enjoyed Pho and a Vietnamese Pork Sandwich (Banh Mi).  I could smell everything.  It was delicious, I imagine.  I am down 36 pounds now and I have 15 to hit my first goal.

Happy Juicing everybody


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Day 44 of 100 Days Juice Fast

The days are flying by.  I can’t believe that I am almost 1/2 way there. My weight loss stalled over the last week but I know that that is temporary.  I found this cool video for you to watch if you haven’t already.  Happy Juicing!



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