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Day 55 of 100 Days Juice Fast

Just made a delicious juice.  For you die hard juicers out there.  Granny Smith Apples as a base .  Add Navel Oranges second.  Third is an inch of ginger.  I love ginger, by the way, I have it in about every juice.  One cucumber and a large orange beet.  On an aside, I have just recently started using the orange beet and the orange beet is so delicious.  I like it better than the red beet varieties.  Top it off with a touch of fresh strawberries.

It came out creamy and well worth the chopping and peeling.  I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed it either.  The whole family had some.

I am within 10 pounds of not being in the Obese column on my Wii Fit.  I consider that my next major goal.  My long term goal is 44 pounds away, which seems like a cake walk after having dropped 102 pounds since last year.

I know the next 44 pounds will be the hardest to lose.  I am game.  Thanks for all the support guys! Happy Juicing!

Orange Beet

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