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Day 55 of 100 Days Juice Fast

Just made a delicious juice.  For you die hard juicers out there.  Granny Smith Apples as a base .  Add Navel Oranges second.  Third is an inch of ginger.  I love ginger, by the way, I have it in about every juice.  One cucumber and a large orange beet.  On an aside, I have just recently started using the orange beet and the orange beet is so delicious.  I like it better than the red beet varieties.  Top it off with a touch of fresh strawberries.

It came out creamy and well worth the chopping and peeling.  I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed it either.  The whole family had some.

I am within 10 pounds of not being in the Obese column on my Wii Fit.  I consider that my next major goal.  My long term goal is 44 pounds away, which seems like a cake walk after having dropped 102 pounds since last year.

I know the next 44 pounds will be the hardest to lose.  I am game.  Thanks for all the support guys! Happy Juicing!

Orange Beet

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Day 39 of 100 Days Juice Fast


I bought some Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea today by Stash and for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to bring some chili flake with me to add to the tea.  Wow!  I definitely would recommend it.  I found the image above and apparently I am not the only one fond of this combination.

So today is officially day 39 of a 100 days!!!.  I have lost 30 pounds.  My goal was 40 by tomorrow but I will take the 30.  Juice is going great.  I am starting to get some salt cravings and this will pass. End date is not too far away.

Happy Juicing ! Have a great weekend!

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Day 28 of 100 Days Juice Fast


Another couple of pounds gone, Yeah!  Doing 3-32 oz juice’s a day.  This last one was heavy on celery, not my favorite. 

I get the question about loose bowels with relation to juicing.  Yes it happens.  Not all the time but it does.

I am 23 pounds away from hitting a very important number.  198 is what my Wii at home says is the line between obese and overweight.  I am very excited.  Happy Juicing Everyone!

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Day 25 of 100 Days Juice Fast


V  is for Victory….that is the way I feel today.  2 more pounds gone.  I feel great!  53 pounds to get to my optimal “normal” weight according to WebMD.

A little slow this morning , I stayed up late and I need to get a juice down.  Not sure what I will have.    I might make a yellow juice.  Yellow usually includes cucumbers, lemons and ginger.  I did enjoy a Tazo Tea “Zen”.  I know it has a little caffeine. I can really see the weight sliding off now.  I am literally going to walk out of my clothes, LOL.  

I am thinking more about outdoor activities and thinking of things I can do outside with my children.  So to all of you Juicers out there, I raise my glass of micro-nutrients to you!!!!  Happy Juicing!!!

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Day 23 and I am between 25 and 26 pounds gone for this Juice Fast.  Total weight loss in the last 12 months is 86 pounds.  I can’t wait until I hit 100.  Thanks Joe ( @joethejuicer ).  Friends and coworkers are now asking me how I am doing it.  I hear lots of excuses out there.  I encourage them to try a 2-3 day fast, but most of them think it’s too hard.  What’s hard is the processed, chemically added food they eat right now.  Anyway’s, I was one of them and know I will continue to show the way with the rest of you juicers  at #juicing.

New treat , I have started adding fresh mint to my juices.  Wow, that’s great!  Especially with lemon.

I made homemade caramel corn for the family to eat while watching the game.  I am glad to see there was a whole bunch left over.  There is nothing better than my 1 and 1/2 year old asking me for some of my juice in the morning.

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images (9)

Super Bowl Sunday

To all of my friends on the east coast good luck and to the west coast good luck as well.  I have no dog in this fight but I am leaning towards San Francisco.

I have taken off 26 pounds these 22 days.  I am hoping to have a couple of more pounds off by tomorrow.  I have included some workouts (mild mostly push ups and sit ups).  I plan on doing some running soon.

Running is a touchy subject.  I hate it so.  I have never been good at it.  I was in the military and even at my ideal weight I ran like a broken barrel down the road , huffing and puffing all the way.  I get shin splits and twisted ankles.  I do know that some of that is related to weight but not all of it.  I am a clumsy runner.  Some day I would like to run a partial marathon like the Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon.

I have always enjoyed lifting weights, especially upper body work outs.  Most of the muscle I had went to fat. Now I am trimming all that down.  I hope all of you enjoy your day.  Go Niners!

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I have stalled my weight loss over the past few days.  My diet has not changed but I think my body has gone into starvation mode.  I have been lacking one important ingredient and that is drinking large amounts of water. Water was so important in my last fast and because I am in winter I guess I don’t think about water as much.  So today I am going to step up my water consumption.  I plan on doubling my juice intake with water.  Wish me luck

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